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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to get you immediate relief from your unsecured debts. The Chapter 7 can erase credit card debts, medical bills, repossessions, and stop lawsuits. Once your debts have been discharged in bankruptcy, the law prevents creditors from ever coming back to collect from you. You will get the clean slate you have been looking for in about 90 days.


A Chapter 13 is a reorganization of your debt which allows you to repay some of it over 3 to 5 years. For example, you can catch up on missed mortgage, car payments, or back taxes without penalties. Most importantly, you get to keep your property while you make the payments. Under the right conditions, certain debts like second mortgages and liens on real property can be stripped away.


Eddy Hsu
Eddy Hsu started his own practice in 2010 and has helped over 300 clients get a fresh start. He has been admitted to the California Bar since December 2006. He practices in Bankruptcy, Family Law, and Wills and Trust.
Grace Ho
Grace has been admitted to the California Bar since 2006. She received her law degree from University of San Francisco, and her undergraduate degree from Yale University. Grace practices in Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, and Employment Law.
Tina Phan
Tina Phan is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who has helped hundreds of clients through the bankruptcy process. Tina has been admitted to the California Bar since 2007.


San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney Discusses Creditor Lawsuits

There has been a large wave of creditors who have been sued by the creditors in the last few years. The situation is one that many are familiar with. You, the debtor, have surmounting debt from use of credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, or have borrowed money from a friend that you are unable to pay off. So, you just stop paying and the debt continues to rise and rise until it is impossible to pay back even if you were on a payment plan for the rest of your life...

San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney Discusses Another Foreclosure Wave

It has been apparent that foreclosure notices are springing up more frequently in every neighborhood in the Bay Area. But the worse has yet to come. Zillow expects the resurgence in foreclosures this year, combined with excess inventory of unsold, bank-owned homes will contribute to a 3.7 percent national decline in prices before the market hits bottom in 2013 and stays there until 2016...


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