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At EH Law Group, we understand that your financial well-being is a top priority. We know how overwhelming it can feel to face business bankruptcy or foreclosure, and we're here to help. With over 30 years of combined experience, our lawyers are ready to guide you through these challenging times. We're responsive, attentive, and dedicated to ensuring you never feel lost in the process. We're right here in San Mateo, serving clients throughout our community and beyond.

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Attorney Eddy Hsu has helped clients get a fresh start since 2006, when he was admitted to the California bar. He helps clients through the bankruptcy process, no matter where they start.

After graduating with her Juris Doctorate from the University of San Francisco, Attorney Grace Ho has served those throughout California with focus and care.

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Understanding Foreclosure

If you’re facing foreclosure, don’t face your situation alone. 

Missed mortgage payments can lead to foreclosure, but we're here to help you explore debt-relief alternatives. These options could potentially delay or even stop the foreclosure process, giving you a chance to keep your home. Our team is experienced, diligent, and ready to provide you with the detailed attention you need. Foreclosure can seem scary, but with us by your side, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

The Bankruptcy Process

  • Filing a Petition 

    The process of bankruptcy begins with the debtor filing a petition with the bankruptcy court. This can be done by an individual, spouses together, or even a business. This filing includes all debts prior to the petition, also known as prepetition debts.

  • Automatic Stay and Documentation

    Upon filing, an automatic stay is activated which temporarily halts collection activities from creditors. Within the first 15 days, you're expected to provide all necessary paperwork to the court. This may include details about your finances, assets, debts, and more. 

  • Liquidation or Repayment

    Depending on the type of bankruptcy filed (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13), this step involves either liquidation of assets to repay debts or setting up a repayment plan to repay your creditors over a period of time.

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Chapter 7 

Chapter 7 provides a pathway for businesses to discharge their debts by liquidating assets, offering a clean slate. Understanding that every business situation is unique, our team approaches each case with tailored strategies and compassionate guidance. 

Chapter 13

If you're struggling with secured debts such as your home or car, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the right choice for you. This type of bankruptcy allows you to create a repayment plan to gradually pay off your debts while keeping your assets.


We understand how stressful and scary it can be to face the possibility of losing your home. We're dedicated to exploring all options, including bankruptcy, to potentially halt or delay the foreclosure process. Together, we'll find the best solution for you.

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Bankruptcy doesn't mean failure; rather, it's a tool to help you get a fresh financial start. Whether you're dealing with credit card debt, medical bills, or facing foreclosure, we're here to guide you toward a brighter future. With EH Law Group, you'll always work directly with our experienced attorneys, helping you ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care.