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Bankruptcy is a serious step to take in anyone’s life.  If you are considering bankruptcy, make sure you have a San Bruno bankruptcy attorney who cares.  Call the professionals at EH Law Group.

san bruno bankruptcy attorney

What Exactly Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, in brief, refers to the situation of being bankrupt. It’s a legal procedure that involves individuals who for whatever reason do not have the ability to cover existing debts. 

If a person wants assistance due to not being able to manage creditors, then he or she may go forward with bankruptcy. It enables people to break away from debts fully or partially. Bankruptcy in many situations ties in with court orders. 

Debtors frequently start off these procedures.

Types of Bankruptcy

There are a number of different bankruptcy varieties available in the United States. 

Examples of bankruptcy categories are Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter 15, Chapter 12, Chapter 11 and, last but certainly not least, Chapter 13. 

These bankruptcy classifications involve many diverse topics. These topics include but are not limited to municipalities, liquidation, foreign matters and even repayment. Chapter 7 is a particularly typical bankruptcy category among persons these days.

All About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy may also be called liquidation bankruptcy. That’s due to the fact that it does away with debt that’s unsecured. Debt that’s linked to credit card use is an example of the unsecured kind.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Perks and Downsides

There are perks and downsides connected to filing this kind of bankruptcy. 

After people file it, their creditors are not able to get their hands on their salaries. This bankruptcy generally gives individuals the power to maintain their assets such as vehicles. 

Apart from perks, people often consider the negatives as well. In some situations it gives people no choice but to surrender their prized belongings. It makes it so that people have to reconstruct their credit, too.

All About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often referred to as a wage earner’s plan. It assists people who are equipped with standard incomes. That’s because it empowers them to come up with strategies that involve tackling debts that they have.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Positives and Negatives

There are numerous perks linked to taking the Chapter 13 bankruptcy route. 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be beneficial for people who want to be able to pay their debts back over extended spans of time. It can be just as beneficial for people who wish to minimize debt payment sums.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can be problematic for some people, too. This bankruptcy can linger on peoples’ credit reports for full decades. It can make it so that people do not have access to credit card use as well. It can be difficult for people who want to be able to secure mortgages for residential properties.

Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It isn’t at all atypical for people to compare Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy choices. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can come in handy for people who do not have much income to spare. It can be suitable for people who wish to decrease the sums that they have to pay back monthly.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy isn’t the same at all. It can be suitable for individuals who have property that they wish to maintain. It can keep foreclosure at bay as well. People should assess their specific circumstances prior to determining which bankruptcy variety may be optimal for their futures.

What Should I Search for When Picking a San Bruno Bankruptcy Attorney?

Selecting a personal bankruptcy lawyer is a big deal that calls for a lot of time and consideration. 

It’s critical to try to find a personal bankruptcy attorney who has a lot of experience with cases that are similar to yours. It’s crucial to find an attorney who has a strong track record in his or her community. 

EH Law Group is just the professional you need.  We listen to your concerns and can answer all of your questions clearly and confidently.

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Are you trying to find a San Bruno bankruptcy attorney who can serve you well? If you are, reach out to us at EH Law Group right away. 

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